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 Woodworking Projects

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No matter if you are a novice, intermediate or darn near a professional woodworker the most important aspect of any project is the right plans to start it and the right tools to complete it.

This site is dedicated to giving you access to the plans tools and information that you need to build First Class projects that you can be proud of, have fun with and have saved money in the process.

So providing you with the kind of woodworking project information that we know works and that you will be happy with is our goal.
We have all been well along into a project at one point or another then realized that this just isn’t going to work out. That does NOT make wood working fun and it should be.


Your tools, especially power tools can also make all the difference, trying to build a prject with inadequate tools is very frustrating and time consuming, but really, how much do you need to spend?
Do you 1 project a year or one a month? Spending wisely on your tools is critical we give you the ability to purchase the RIGHT tool at competitive prices.


Happy Projects!


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